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What's in a Name?

Heather chose the name "Atlas Financial Consulting" because she is passionate about helping her clients no matter where they are on their financial journey.

The logo includes a branch and an antler. Both reflect growth, and our goal is to grow our client's financial confidence and regain their independence to live a more freeing and fulfilling life. 

Meet Heather

Owner & Daily Money Manager

After a decade of experience in the many facets of the financial industry, Heather created Atlas Financial Consulting, LLC in June 2021. She has a background in wealth management, investments, trusts and banking. Because of this experience, Heather was able to share her knowledge and resources with her clients as their Daily Money Manager. She enjoys daily money management because it gives her the ability to work with her clients hands-on and make a difference in their financial lives. She strives to alleviate the burden of her client's day-to-day financial tasks, so they can shift their focus to living a more fulfilling life.

Heather is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM). As a member of AADMM she is held to their Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Each AADMM member is required to pass a biennial background check to ensure each member is continuing to uphold the credibility and integrity of our profession. 

Heather has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She is a co-owner of a local investment firm, Aventail Wealth Management, LLC, since they opened their doors in February 2016. She continues to take classes to learn about the financial and aging communities to obtain skills and resources to help her clients.

Not only does Heather have a heart for her clients, but also believes in helping those in need and giving back to her community. She is currently serving as Secretary of the Greater Auburndale Chamber of Commerce board of directors, as well as President of the Women's Resource Center of Central Florida board of directors.

When Heather isn’t working or volunteering, she and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing. She also enjoys all sorts of crafting; painting, woodworking, etc. 

Heather Riner, Founder and Daily Money Manager of Atlas
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