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“I cannot recommend Heather more highly. The same day that I contacted her for a consultation, I was able to reach her and set up a financial plan. She has been extremely responsive, including via phone, text, and emails. She has significantly reduced our budgeting and bill-paying stress."
~ Barbara, Orlando, FL 

“She was very kind to me in a painful and confusing time."
~ Anonymous, Davenport, FL 

"When starting my business, finding someone knowledgeable and confident in financial operations was important. Partnering with Heather has proven time and time again to be a wonderful choice. She has a unique ability to structure a financial routine specific to your needs and goals. The way that she communicates financial literacy is educational and I have already learned so much from her. Heather is extremely approachable, and I know she will answer my questions about financial productivity within my business with knowledge and truth. She is genuine and trustworthy and someone that I will recommend to clients, family, and friends."
~ Patty Gosselin, Founder and Registered Professional Guardian of Aging Simply.
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